Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Update

I'm really not good at this blogging thing. Its hard to find a few moments to myself where I'm not interrupted, to actually sit and write stuff down. Here comes the update over the last couple months.

Alexa and Ben are starting to come into their own. They actually like each other, for the most part. You can tell they're siblings with the wrestling, and sharing and the lack of sharing.

My great aunt we were taking care of passed away March 9th. It was both sad and happy at the same time. The good things: She is no longer suffering; I'm no longer stuck at the house taking care of her. Bad side: No longer get that income. We had stayed in Young a lot longer to help out and now feel confused on what we should be doing. We made the decision to stay at my parents house until after the semester ends for Rick. Wouldn't be fare to inconvenience him and Adam (who lives with Rick in our apartment) right during the middle of school. The plan was to go down right after finals.

Rick was accepted to the paramedic program. He is so happy about it. It took a lot of hard work to achieve and it paid off. He started May 17th. Its been a rough couple weeks for him. Close to the semester finals, his grandma took a health tumble. She requested him, and we had to send him back East to be with her. We had been saving for other things such as his schooling expenses and a trip and had to use all of that to send him to CT along with sending his mom and brother back there. His grandma was so grateful, and she passed a few days after he arrived. He had to deal with everything back there, then return to reality and try to get caught back up after missing a week of school. He was able to do it, and finished the semester with "A's" and "B's." We couldn't be prouder.

The kids and I flew up to Utah May 13th for my friend Stephanie's wedding on the 15th. Kids were all dressed up and looking just about as cute as they could get. It was a very long weekend, late hours and hardly any rest. We all had a great time. But coming home, Alexa got sick. Then she passed it along to Ben. Who then in turn passed it to me and Rick. Its been going on over a week now. I am so over being sick, and dealing with sick children. Makes me think that something isn't quite right because the kids are always getting sick, which last a while.

Our original plan was to stay down in Phoenix upon returning from Utah. That didn't happen. We drove up to Young after Rick's first week of his school. Now we're staying here until after my brother graduates. Fun for me is that my hubby volunteered to help the fire department out over Memorial Day weekend for the YPS reunion. So my 6 year anniversary will be spent taking care of sick kids while he's out in the community. He really enjoys helping Pleasant Valley and loves being a volunteer firefighter/EMT, so I just support him any way that I can.

Now we are trying to pack all our belongings up dealing with everyone being sick and on a time restriction. Hopefully things will start lighten up.

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